BLACKPOOL Janvier 2012 Crystal Boots Awards ....

And the winners are…

• Dedicated Dance Artist: Natalie Thurlow
• Female Dance Personality: Rachel McEnaney
• Male Dance Personality: Graig Bennett
• Line Dance DJ: "Big Dave" Baycroft

• UK Instructor of the Year: Rachel McEnaney
• International Instructor of the Year: Niels Poulsen, à Bellegarde-en-Forez le 26 octobre 2013!
• Hall of Fame: Martha Ogasawara

• UK Choreographer of the Year: Robbie McGowan Hickie
• International Choreographer of the Year: Ria Vos

• Absolute Beginners Dance of the Year: Skinny Genes (Pat & Lizzie Stott)
Fiche sur le site
• Beginners Dance of the Year (draw): Something In The Water (Niels Poulsen) Fiche sur le site
  AND Blue Night Cha (Kim Ray)
• Improver Dance of the Year: Knee Deep (Peter & Alison)
• Intermediate Dance of the Year: Bittersweet Memory (Ria Vos) Fiche sur le site
• Advanced Dance of the Year: On the Edge (Craig Bennett)Fiche sur le site

• Dance of the Year 2011
Bittersweet Memory (Ria Vos)   Fiche sur le site
2. Flute (Maggie Gallagher)   
Fiche sur le site
3. On the Edge (Craig Bennett) Fiche sur le site